Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Artisanale

Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Artisanale


Acquired by Pascal Raffy in 2006, the Manufacture DIMIER 1738 currently employs 73 people exercising 41 different professions. This diversity enables DIMIER 1738 to unite under one roof the entire range of skills required for the various stages of developing and producing Haute Horlogerie movements, including the rarest and most demanding in terms of expertise. As the realm of confidential series and one-of-a-kind creations, the Manufacture is rigorously structured and organised so as to optimise the work of the artisans, as well as the logistic flow, both of which require even more sensitive handling. The quantity of the movements and the watches manufactured are deliberately controlled so as to guarantee higher quality criteria. 



The quality control department, composed of experienced watchmakers, intervenes right from the start of each endeavour. From the first discussions regarding a new project right the way through to after-sales service, it acts as an authentic interface between the collector, the technical department and all those engaged in production. Positioned both upstream and downstream of all stages in the creation of a watch, this “starshaped” operational network structure guarantees the immediate integration of solutions to potential problems arising when launching production, as well as of the improvements suggested by the experience of all involved – with the ultimate aim of effectively and rapidly meeting the established specifications.


The rigorous approach and the in-house criteria governing the quality control enable DIMIER 1738 and BOVET 1822, who are also founding members of the “Quality Fleurier Certification ” to work regularly with independent certification bodies such as the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, Chronofiable, and Metalo-test, to mention but a few.


Team Work

The technical department is responsible for developing and supervising the design and the making of each calibre and of each timepiece. Constructors and watchmakers specialising in the study and development of dials and watch exterior elements share open-plan office space with their counterparts in charge of movements and of Grandes Complications models. This physical proximity of their activities and their shared development ensure the overall consistency of the unit formed by the exterior and the motor or movement right from the start of the development of a watch.

The generous size of this department serves to avoid the bottlenecks often encountered at this stage of product development. It also enables the constructors to cross-check their respective work, thereby guaranteeing the quality and the smooth flow of production.

To ensure optimal logistics, the workshops of the Manufacture are organised according to the chronology of the various production stages.

The lower floor is occupied by the micromechanics department. This is the world of inherited and future-driven technologies.

The upper, more serene floor is home to the artisans and watchmakers.

The human scale of the Manufacture at DIMIER 1738 enables a rare opportunity to chronologically follow and appreciate each stage in the manufacturing of a timepiece.