The Art of the dial craftsmen

The Art of the dial craftsmen

Today, dials are made from a large variety of materials such as lacquer, mother-of-pearl, transparent mineral crystal, carbon fibre and often from a combination of several of these materials.

Many features are found on dials such as apertures, sub-counters, multi-levels, metallic wire frames, or hand-applied indexes. The large variety of designs and decorative finishes found in dials today require BOVET’s dial crafting workshop and its artisans to master a vast amount of techniques and crafts.


As artists seek to express themselves through their art, a handcrafted BOVET watch conveys its exquisiteness through its dial. The design of a dial is inspired by the internal construction of mechanisms, gear train and movement complications.

It is the movement that defines the positioning of the hands, counters, apertures and indications on the dial. Each BOVET dial demonstrates the unique story of the timepiece in which it is found. They are carefully crafted by skilled artisans who uphold BOVET’s decorative tradition today.