The BOVET Clock Tower

BOVET Clock Tower of the Asterium Tower in Seoul rewarded with the A’ Design Award

The BOVET monumental clock installed in the Asterium Tower in Seoul has received the A’ Design Award, which recognizes exceptional achievements in terms of architectural design worldwide.

When the sponsors of one of Seoul’s most prestigious private residences contacted the architectural firm handling the project, they asked them to include a monumental clock in the main lobby. From the very first set of specifications, they stipulated that the manufacture of the clocks must be entrusted to the Maison BOVET and that the clocks should be enlarged reproductions of existing timepieces in the Swiss Manufacture’s collections.

Thus two double-faced clocks were installed on a bracelet presented in the form of a M?bius band, evoking infinity and the figure 8, which, according to Asian tradition, bring happiness and prosperity. Standing 5 m high and 2.50 m wide, this veritable monument enables the time to be read perfectly from any position in the lobby or the mezzanine that overlooks it.

The BOVET craftsmen displayed their resourcefulness in reproducing the two faces of the Monsieur Bovet and Amadéo Amadéo tourbillon timepieces on a scale 15 times larger than their illustrious originals. They thus managed to provide the tourbillon carriage and the patented double coaxial seconds with realistic movement that combines coherence with the excellence that has characterized the Maison for nearly two centuries.

The clocks’ case middles are engraved with the Fleurisanne motif that has decorated the cases and movements of BOVET timepieces since the nineteenth century.

Finally, a miniature painting of a splendid dragon is reproduced on one of the four dials. The same miniaturist painter produced both the original, with a diameter of just 35 mm, and this reproduction 60 cm in diameter, on which he went as far as to gild the dragon’s body with gold leaf. The result is faithful to its prestigious original and its definition is a demonstration of the artist’s dexterity.

This new distinction perfectly embodies the personal view of Pascal Raffy, the owner of BOVET 1822, which is to never dissociate traditional fine watchmaking from art, design and architecture, so as to offer collectors and aficionados of fine timepieces the noblest expression of time.